About us

Café del Nido is a coffee roasters, specialising in single origin coffee from Colombia. We define single origin also as single estate, meaning the coffee is from one specific farm and not mixed with any other farms. Many roasters or coffee you find in your local supermarket have blended many different coffees together. In the same way you wouldn't mix your Chilean, French and New Zealand wines together, we won't mix our coffee farms.

Each coffee you drink from Café del Nido is from an individual farm with its own distinct taste. We roast with calculated precision to bring out the perfect aroma and flavour for each coffee bean. We regularly travel to the farms in Colombia and many of these farms have never had any exposure in the UK.

With this we are creating a rare opportunity for customers in the UK to experience coffee never tasted on these shores. Also an ethical opportunity for the farmer to get his product out to the world.